In the heart of Algonquin Park.

Location, location, location...

The Portage Store as seen from across Canoe Lake.

Since 1937, THE PORTAGE STORE has been outfitting Algonquin Canoeists. Located on Canoe Lake at access point 5 in Algonquin Park Ontario, Canada, the store serves as the gateway to the Algonquin interior. We can offer you as little or as much as you need to make your adventure memorable, safe, and fun. Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and experienced and will gladly provide you advice and waterfront instructions. The Portage Store offers a wide range of outfitting packages and rental options, including canoes, kayaks, camping equipment and food packs. Shelves are well stocked with appetizing, convenient foods that comply with Algonquin Park's ban on cans and bottles, as well as a full range of camping and fishing supplies.

"Our virtual canoe trip is a great way to experience a wilderness canoe trip on your computer. Pictures are worth a thousand words!"

Are you new to canoeing?

A Portage Store Canoe on shore near a wind swept island.

Algonquin Park's interior camping.

Not sure where to begin? Our wilderness canoe camping page offers information regarding interior camping and our canoe routes page can help you plan your journey.

What supplies will you need?

If you plan on canoeing from your drive-in campsite or our dock on Canoe Lake for a day trip all you really need is your favourite camera.

Campers heading into Algonquin Park's interior for a backcountry canoe trip will require a few belongings as well as knowledge of the Parks rules and regulations. Let us help you on your adventure. You can find out more on wilderness canoe camping in Algonquin Park by clicking here.

Choosing the right canoe.

Selecting the right canoe for your trip whether for interior canoe camping or whether to travel for a day trip at a drive-in campsite we believe can be vital to enjoying your vacation in Algonquin Park. We have a large selection of rental canoes, from Pro-Light Carbon Kevlar to Aluminium. Make sure to see our selection by clicking here and our admin staff is more than happy to help anyone with their selection, so feel free to contact us

Selecting your route.

Our virtual canoe trip is a great way to experience a wilderness canoe trip on your computer. Pictures are worth a thousand words! Click her to find out more...

Feel free to contact us.

Portage Store Logo

We are open from the end of April to mid-October and exact dates are posted yearly on our facebook page. We welcome your questions and comments, and are eager to serve you during your adventure.

You can reach us by regular postal mail at:

The Portage Store:
PO Box 10009 - Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park
Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

We can be reached during the Summer, Spring and Fall at our Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park Location:

  • 705-633-5622 (Summer Phone)
  • 705-633-5696 (Summer Fax)

We can be reached in the off-season at our Huntsville Winter Office:

  • 705-789-3645 (Winter Phone)

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