Primary park regulations to be familiar with:

  • NO cans or glass bottles. These are banned in the interior of the Park with a few minor exceptions (insect repellent in a spray can, etc.)
  • Party size is limited to nine individuals on any interior campsite.
  • Camping is only permitted on designated camping sites.
  • Boat motors (gas or electrical) are banned on most Algonquin lakes.
  • Noise restrictions prohibit the use of chainsaws, radios, cassette players and generators.
  • Firearms are prohibited.
  • All garbage must be packed out.
  • Live vegetation (trees, plants, etc.) cannot be cut or damaged.
  • Anyone wishing to fish in Algonquin must have a valid Ontario fishing license. Licenses are available from the Canoe Centre adjacent to the Portage Store.

They are strict rules, but good rules. Thank you for being stewards of the land.