Canoeing is not rocket science – but it sure can feel daunting if it is your first time, or first time out since your uncle Dan tried to teach you how to do a J-stroke at the cottage. Whether canoeing is in your distant past or a complete new experience we promise to make this venture a comfortable and safe one.

What supplies will you need?

If you plan on canoeing from your drive-in campsite or our dock on Canoe Lake for a day trip all you really need is your favourite camera.

Want to explore but not sure where to begin the trek? Our wilderness canoe camping page offers information regarding interior camping and our canoe routes page can help you plan your journey. Campers heading into Algonquin Park’s interior for a backcountry canoe trip will require specific gear as well as knowledge of the Parks rules and regulations. Let us help you plan your adventure.

Let’s help get you started with the right canoe

Selecting the right canoe for your trip is vital to enjoying your vacation in Algonquin Park. Are you interior canoe camping, day tripping at a drive-in campsite, or just looking to rent a boat for a leisurely paddle?

We have rental canoes, from Pro-Light Carbon Kevlar to Aluminium. Not sure which canoe best fits your needs? Visiting our canoe rentals page is a great way to learn about our Canoe selection. Our team is more than happy to help – no pressure. So feel free to contact us!

Selecting your route

Check out our virtual canoe trip! It’s a great way to experience a wilderness canoe trip on your computer. Pictures are worth a thousand words

Learn More

Our Algonquin Park History page directs visitors to information sources specific to Algonquin Park’s history.
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