We’ve focused all of our efforts and resources in delivering services to our customers in 2020 while keeping everyone safe from the spread of the Coronavirus.

As you navigate our website you will encounter updated sections that specifically list the additional steps taken to ensure your safety. These sections will list what to expect and how our service may have changed in order to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Are staff are committed to taking the steps required to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at our facility through social distancing and additional steps required by them and our customers to ensure a contactless experience.

We are encouraging our customers to pay in advance when it comes to outfitting and restaurant orders. This will ensure a contactless experience and expedite processing once at The Portage Store.

We are taking the measures to make our facility free of COVID-19. For this, we are taking additional steps to disinfect work areas, customer facing areas and rental equipment after every use.

We are also asking for our customers to be patient, as crowd control measures are now implemented in all service areas including our docks to ensure social distancing between customers and staff. This may require customers to lineup to enter these areas.