Additional steps are being taken in 2022 to keep you safe!

  • All rental equipment is disinfected once it returns to ensure that it is safe for use.
  • Additional steps have been added to this booking process to enable contactless payment.
  • We’re taking steps to expedite departure date processing.
  • Access to outfitting docks is limited to a maximum number of patrons to encourage safe distancing.

Canoe & camping equipment Daily Rate
Additional Paddle 2.95
Life Vest 3.95
Canoe Car Top Pads (4)
(includes rope – only available with canoe rental)
Flat Rate – 10.95
Canoe Pack 13.95
Food Barrel Pack – Small (30L) 11.95
Food Barrel Pack – Large (60L) 15.95
Overnight Equipment (rates per night) First Night Additional Night
Eureka Timberline Tent – 2 Person 31.95 21.95
Eureka Timberline Tent – 4 Person 39.95 26.95
Sleeping Bag (with liner) 12.95 9.95
Sleeping Pad 4.95 3.95
Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad 12.95 9.95