We have sold out of used canoe sale appointments for our 2021 Used Canoe Sale! We will be hosting a sale again next year and will not be selling any more canoes for 2021.

Please do not attend the sale if you have not secured an appointment.

Used Canoe Sale Rules

Our used canoe sale has been altered with social distancing practices in mind for 2021. Customers will be asked to follow provincial COVID-19 guidelines as they exist at the time of the canoe sale. We reserve the right to alter the format of the canoe sale to conform to changing provincial guidelines if they are altered. We also reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the canoe sale if the province of Ontario or Ontario Parks forbids us from hosting it.

Reservation deposits will be refunded if the used canoe sale is to be canceled or rescheduled due to changing provincial COVID-19 restrictions.

  • Appointments will only be issued for the exact number of canoes sold.
  • Once all appointment deposits have been acquired the sale will effectively be “sold out” (unless someone cancels prior to the sale – at which point we would use a waiting list to find a suitor).
  • Customers will only be able to make a deposit of $115.00 for one (1) canoe per household.
  • The time frame will be 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM for appointments, on the date of the sale, please consult APPOINTMENT DATES AND TIME FRAME section below for details.
  • In order to honour all appointments, customers will have exclusive choice of a canoe for an appointment period of 15 minutes. At which point we reserve the right to allow the next appointment the option to view canoes during their appointment.
  • Customers who do not appear on time the day of the sale, may be bumped down the list or may not have their appointment honoured.
  • Photo ID will be required at the scheduled appointment time and must match the name and address provided.
  • Customers will only be allowed to choose a canoe from the type requested. At the time of appointment customers may not be able to change to a different canoe type.
  • Purchase payment will be taken on site. Payment methods are cash, debit, or Visa/MasterCard. The $115.00 reservation deposit is subtracted from the amount owing.
  • HST sales tax will be applied to all canoes sold.
  • If, while attending the used canoe sale, a customer does not wish to purchase a canoe, a refund will be issued for the reservation deposit.




The H2O 16ft gel-coated kevlar Adventurer is the slightly asymmetrical version of the prospector. It has faster lines and hull design that is great for beginner and intermediate paddlers. It’s true 16 foot length makes it slightly longer than our 15.5 foot Scott Standard counterpart. It is a versatile canoe with many practical advantages. For starters it paddles well when fully loaded or when paddling around camp unloaded. It’s an all around great canoe that requires little to no maintenance. At a weight of 58lbs, it can easily be managed on the portage. We’re selling 5 of these canoes to make room for new additions in the summer. $700 to $750

16 ft Nova Craft Expedition Kevlar

This white gel-coated canoe is the 17ft expeditions little brother. Meant to haul gear for camping excursions it is a river runner as well as a big lake contender. It’s slightly flat bottom gives it that true Prospector feel. Its generous 975lbs capacity means you don’t ever have to leave some of your gear at home. We’re only selling 3 of these canoes this year!$850-$950


Where weight matters you need the 16ft Ultralight. Clear kevlar/epoxy resin and lightweight aluminium trimmings makes these speedsters weight as low as 41lbs and no more thant 44lbs. At 16ft these canoes are a well rounded mix for paddlers wandering through meandering rivers as well as crushing big water lakes.$1350 to $1500


Family sized canoe built for canoe-camping. At 1300lbs of capacity it is by far our biggest canoe. The Quetico shape makes it a speedster despite its length. When unloaded however, this canoe can be a kite given the wrong wind conditions. This canoe is designed to haul people or gear while being light on the portages. Clear kevlar/epoxy canoe with a removable 3rd seat, weight 55 lbs, length 18ft 6 inches, width 35 inches, capacity 1300lbs. $1300 to $1400


Full size prospector with none of the weight. All the hardware fixed to this canoe is designed to keep the overall weight down while ensuring the canoe is tough enough for the rental market.

This canoe has tonnes of carrying capacity and is agile in the water but where it shines is on the portage trail. At 33lbs, it truly is like not carrying anything at all. The generous rocker makes it a nimble in the water at the sacrifice of overall speed. Wind obstacles are not as hard to overcome given its shallow and wide body shape. $1850 to $2100