Our used canoes will be available for sale…

Our Used Canoes Are Sold Out For 2016

We would like everyone who attended our Used Canoe sale. Due to incredible demand, we have sold out of our 2016 used for-sale canoes. We will only be making more used for-sale canoes available for our Spring 2017 sale.

Starting Saturday May 7th 2016 at 8:00 AM

Our Souris River Ultralight 16ft Kevlar canoes are always in demand. They weigh only 42lbs and are amazing value as we normally sell them after 4 years of service. We’re also selling some of our family friendly 18ft Souris River Ultralights 3 seaters too. Weighing only 50lbs these mega-sized canoes track well in the water, have a removable 3rd seat and can carry everything but the kitchen sink. We’re selling lots of our 15ft Standard Kevlar Prospectors this year to make room for new arrivals. This means lots lot selection and great prices.

Please read our Used Canoe Sale FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.

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Used Canoes Price Range
15 ft Scott Prospector Fiberglass $400 to $500
17 ft Scott Prospector/Adventurer 3 Seat Fiberglass $400 to $600
15ft Scott Prospector Kevlar $650 to $800
16ft Nova Craft Expedition Prospector Kevlar $800 to $900
16ft Souris River Ultralight $1000 to $1350
18ft Souris River Ultra-light Kevlar $1000 to $1350


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Featured canoes – Spring 2016

15ft Scott Prospector

The Scott 15ft gel-coated kevlar Prospector is a nimble versatile canoe with many practical advantages. For starters it paddles well when fully loaded or when paddling around camp unloaded. Secondly given it’s length and round bottom it doubles well as a solo-canoe. It’s just as nimble on the portages too given it’s 50lbs weight. We’re selling 10 to 15 of these canoes to make room for new additions in the summer. $650-$750 and up

16 ft Souris River / Bluewater Ultra-light Kevlar

Where weight matters you need the 16ft Ultralight. Clear kevlar/epoxy resin and lightweight aluminium trip makes these speedsters weight a low 42lbs. At 16ft these canoes are a well rounded mix for paddlers wandering through meandering rivers as well as crushing big water lakes. We’re only selling 8 to 10 of these canoes. $1000-$1350

18 ft Sourise River Ultra-light Kevlar – Quetico

Family sized canoe built for canoe-camping. At 1300lbs of capacity it is by far our biggest canoe. The Quetico shape makes it a speedster despite its length. When unloaded however, this canoe can be a kite given the wrong wind conditions. This canoe is designed to haul people or gear while being light on the portages. Clear kevlar/epoxy canoe with a removable 3rd seat, weight 50 lbs, length 18ft 6 inches, width 35 inches, capacity 1300 lbs. $1250-$1450

16 ft Nova Craft Expedition Kevlar

This white gel-coated canoe is the 17ft expeditions little brother. Meant to haul gear for camping excursions it is a river runner as well as a big lake contender. It’s slightly flat bottom gives it that true Prospector feel. Its generous 975lbs capacity means you don’t ever have to leave some of your gear at home. We’re only selling 3 of these canoes this year!$800-$900